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It takes a blogger to understand a blogger.

social dialect blogging warning

Blogging as a marketing strategy.

It’s not a new concept and it’s certainly not going away.

Bloggers love connecting and communicating with people and the good ones do it in an authentic way. They build a circle of trust. They carry a reputation. When they cry, the online community rallies around them. When they smile, the online community celebrates with them.

A blog post gone viral can make a blogging sensation virtually overnight. Or it can bring someone to their knees if the reaction isn’t positive. Either way, you’ll always find buzz and more importantly, traffic, at the hands of a blogger.

Bloggers want to turn their hobby and passion into a revenue generator or even a career.

Businesses want to create social media campaigns that use bloggers effectively and benefit their business at the same time.

The problem is these two groups don’t speak the same language. Businesses come to bloggers for “free PR” while bloggers look to businesses for ways to validate their hard work. It’s time to help everyone get on the same page.

Social Dialect strives to provide content to help educate both sides of the blogging equation. And also help make more meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships.

Sit a spell and stay a while and maybe you’ll find out how.

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