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Pitch of the Week: You don’t bring me flowers

by Fadra Nally on March 1, 2012

pitch-of-the-weekI’m a little off in my timing of this pitch. I received this one in my email on February 9th, right before Valentine’s Day with the subject “Stopping by to say hi and offer Valentines material!” It was actually a nice little infographic on the origins of Valentine’s Day and some funny little tidbits. But after that, it all goes horribly wrong.

The Pitch

Hello Fadra!

I read through a couple of your posts, and thought I would introduce myself! I’m also working with a blog called Frugal Dad, and by way of introduction, I thought I would send over an infographic that we just released on amazing, astonishing, and strange Valentines Day traditions that you and your readers might like.

The Heart of Valentines Day
(link removed)

While giving chocolates on the 14th of February is also common in Japan, men who receive chocolates on Valentines Day respond with gifts for the girls they like on White Day, March 14th. And in Korea, men and women who receive nothing on either day observe Black Day on April 14th, mourning their loneliness over black noodles. Please check out our graphic for more little-known facts about Valentines, and feel free to share!

Keep in touch!
(name withheld)

The Good

  • As I mentioned above, it’s actually a really nice infographic with lots of little interesting information.
  • The infographic is pretty and visually appealing. Sometimes that’s hard to come by.
  • The pitch seemed to be about nothing other than wanting to share interesting content.
  • It was personalized and enthusiastically so (Hi Fadra!)

The Bad

  • This pitch came from a site for dads but was signed by a woman. Perhaps they are big enough that they have staff or it’s simply a woman-owned site geared towards dads. I still thought it was odd.
  • The author stated she would like to introduce herself and then never does. Yet her next sentence is “I’m also working with…” I’m not sure who she was working with in the first place!
  • There was no introduction as to what the site is all about and why it might be a good link back for my readers (because you knew there would be a link back, right?)
  • It’s actually Valentine’s Day. Not Valentines Day.

The Ugly

  • I need to clarify that this content was not pitched at my personal blog, all.things.fadra, where I write about just about everything. I could understand a pitch being sent my way over there. This was sent to me at Social Dialect. I write about brands, blogging, social media, and bad pitches. They definitely should have put more thought into sending this.
  • Something about the link really bothered me. It linked to their site but the end of the URL had a /proflowers which is the name of a well known floral business. I smelled link bait.
  • They offered a nice display of the infographic in question and conveniently offered embed code at the bottom.
  • The alt-text for the entire graphic was “flowers.”
  • The actual image, according to the embed code, was located on an Amazon server (…) which again, made me a little nervous.
  • Finally, when I went to the About page for the site, I couldn’t find a picture about the site founder ANYWHERE. I could find a link to his other blog about starting a blog called If the name isn’t enough to turn you off, perhaps the “Server Not Found” message is.

This pitch was totally different than others because it was simply offering content for me to share. I know many other bloggers received this and perhaps even used it on their blog. I’m not chastising or criticizing them for making that choice. It is a pretty infographic. This one just felt shady (and irrelevant) to me so I steered clear.

  • Susan in the Boonies

    This is helpful, because I really don’t know enough to know what might be fishy.

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