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5 Reasons to Celebrate a Blogoversary

by Fadra Nally on October 11, 2012

blogoversaryLet’s get something straight. There is no correct way to spell “blogoversary.”

You’ll see it as blogoversary (my preferred spelling), blogiversary (like anniversary), or blogaversary.

But let’s face it. It’s a made up word.

Does that make it a made up celebration? Of course. But here are a few reasons I think you should pause every year to celebrate the anniversary of your blog launch.

1. It’s a celebration!

You’ve just created an entire year of content. Or perhaps another year of content. That’s something to be proud of. You have, in essence, created a permanent mark on the fabric of cyberspace.

2. It’s a memory book.

Not only did you create a year of content but if you are a true writer, you’ve created a bit of an online diary. If you are a personal blogger, you have have captured moments in your life as they happened. If you are a business blogger, you’ve just created a professional portfolio of things that mattered to you over the past year.

3. It’s a time for reflection.

What sparked this post today is not only my own blogoversary (that I recently recognized for the first time in 3 years) but the blogiversary post by Ann Imig at Ann’s Rants. She chose to write a post to herself, the Ann of 2008, from the Ann of 2012. Great perspective and inspirational not only to others but probably to herself as well.

4. It’s a time for appreciation.

Hats off to bloggers who write for the sake of writing. Most of us want to be read. We want people to visit and interact and comment. We want to know that our words means something. So a blogoversary is a day to say thank you for your loyal readers and the random stumblers and everyone in between.

5. It’s a time to give back.

It is a celebration, after all. Many bloggers choose to throw themselves a party and the party favors can be quite nice. Some plan elaborate giveaways simply as a way of celebrating and showing appreciation for their readers.

Even if you choose not to publicly acknowledge your blogoversary, I encourage to privately celebrate your accomplishments and look at your blog with fresh eyes. You’ve come a long way and there are still many more miles to go.

  • Ann Imig

    Thank you so much for the shout out. We don’t recognize the accomplishment of simply keeping these online works going. Hats off!

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  • Heather Lopez

    Coincidentally, I just celebrating Happy and Healthy Mom’s 3 year anniversary yesterday. Thanks for sharing.

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