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Speaking + Training

Whether you are looking for someone to speak about social media, or someone to work with your business to educate about social media, you’ve come to the right place.

Fadra spent many years in corporate training and spoke in small and large groups about customer service, efficiency, marketing, and technology. She brings it together and engages her audience in a lively, visual, and participatory discussion. Some of her key messages include:

Social Media is not just a buzzword.

It’s a real live term that is used and overused on the web. What it means depends on who you are and what your online goals are. Learn the difference between the principles of social media and the tools and platforms used to facilitate them.

Social Media isn’t for everyone.

If your business can’t benefit from the online world, social media is not a checkbox you need to check. But since that is most likely a very small majority of business out there, learn where to effectively spend your time and talents.

Social Media is work.

Like any form of marketing, social media requires a level of commitment and involvement. There are shortcuts to maximize the efficiency of your online time but social media is not automated marketing.

Learn more about what social media can do for you and your business. Host a workshop, training seminar, lunch and learn, webinar, or conference.  Stay general or get specific. Contact us for help planning your next event.

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